We Are Decentralised

We are not a UK political party.

We do not want to be considered a "political party" in the accepted sense of the term. Our goal is bigger than that.

Many would have you believe that our system of governance is a "democracy". Democracy can be described as:

government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

This is false.

We recognise our current system of governance as a "kleptocracy". Kleptocracy can be described as:

a form of political and government corruption where the government exists solely to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population.

They will make empty promises during their elaborate and expensive electoral campaigns, but when they come to power, the sole intent is to feed on us for their own gain. To privatise profit and nationalise debt. The redistribution of wealth so that it ends up in the hands of those who already have the most. They attempt to draw attention away from their fraud by the propaganda of scapegoating. They spread venomous messages of hatred and bigotry. Tactics of divide and conquer which we shall no longer abide. Private companies and wealthy individuals give large sums of money to political parties in exchange for passing the laws they deem most profitable. They call it lobbying, when in truth it is simply corruption and bribery. We do not believe influence is something that should be bought and sold. We will see the end of this falsehood. When centralised politics fails, we will decentralise.

  • Allowing leeches to bleed us dry is not a sustainable system.
  • We work outside of this broken system.
  • When we are finished, there will be no need for political parties.
  • Political parties were created to solve a problem that no longer exists.
  • We will redefine honesty.

We do not want to represent you in Parliament.

There will be no "vote" for us in the accepted sense of the term. Our goal is bigger than that.

Many would have you believe that we need politicians to make decisions for us because the alternative would be "anarchy". Anarchy can be described as:

a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems.

This is false.

We recognise that we are more than capable of making decisions for ourselves.

Their only motive to perpetuate the myth that we need them is greed. Representatives are an outdated concept. Communication is now global. There is no sense whatsoever in restricting power to a small number of individuals who abuse the law to reinforce their position of power and profit. Aside from their questionable motives, what about their experience and ability to regulate for the common good? What qualifies these people to make decisions for us? Has the Health Secretary ever worked in a hospital? Has the Education Secretary taught in a school? Has the Defence Secretary ever fought in a conflict? Of course not. Their selection is simply due to cronyism, yet we trust them to make decisions for us. Decisions that are swayed by vested interests. Decisions that are affecting all our lives. Why choose someone to speak for you? We will govern ourselves. When centralised governance fails, we will decentralise.

  • Selecting the rulers we dislike the least is not a sustainable system.
  • We work outside of this broken system.
  • When we are finished, there will be no need for elected representatives.
  • Elected representatives were created to solve a problem that no longer exists.
  • We will redefine freedom.

We are not calling for violence.

Our uprising will not require "revolt" in the accepted sense of the term. Our goal is bigger than that.

Many would have you believe that the only way to achieve change is by force. Revolt can be described as:

taking violent action against an established government or ruler.

This is false.

We recognise that our current system will collapse under the weight of its own mismanagement.

They will try to curtail our rights for the supposed sake of our protection, but we will not allow this myth to propagate. Their hold on us is already slipping with increased public awareness of the lies, corruption, oppression and surveillance that fuel our system. Many have already lost faith in their ability to function effectively and honestly. We see them for what they are, but we will not give in to disillusionment. We will continue to discredit them in the hope that all will recognise that change is needed. We will continue to expose their lies and their thievery. We will continue to ignore their twisted messages of hatred and bigotry that attempt to turn us against each other. We will not need to intervene directly, as their demise will be predominantly their own doing. We will allow their system of control to collapse and oppose any who try to rebuild it for their own gain. We will jointly, together, create a new system. One without corruption where individuals in power can be bought to serve the ideals of the wealthy above all others. One without lies told to the public to cover the crimes of the financial cartels. One where the public's interests are truly represented. We will do this without riots or civil disorder, as there will be nothing to fight against except falsehoods. We will go our own way, peacefully. When centralised oppression fails, we will decentralise.

  • Using bloodshed to effect change is not a sustainable system.
  • We work outside of this broken system.
  • When we are finished, there will be no need for violence.
  • We will redefine revolution.

We do not want your money.

Our "money" is broken in the accepted sense of the term. Our goal is bigger than that.

Many would have you believe that our system of commerce is "capitalism". Capitalism can be described as:

an economic system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

This is false.

We recognise that our governments manipulate money in highly irresponsible and reckless ways.

They keep interest rates artificially low to benefit the financial sector above all others. This cheap money is used by banks and brokers to gamble on derivatives and other bad debts, all while manipulating markets and committing fraud. Bankers will never face prosecutions for their crimes under our current system. Our governments have relaxed regulations for the financial sector to allow greater risk. When a bank ends up insolvent because they do not have the assets to cover the bets they got wrong, the government wastes more public money to bail out the bank. Central banks operate in collusion with governments to print currency, devaluing it and increasing the cost of living, because this is profitable for a small number of individuals. They are causing inflation and then altering the way in which official inflation figures are calculated in order to mislead us. National debts have reached levels where they will be nearly impossible to pay back. The cost of living will continue to increase. The fiat currency you work and strive for will likely one day be worthless. Collapse is almost inevitable. When centralised money fails, we will decentralise.

  • Printing money into oblivion is not a sustainable system.
  • We work outside of this broken system and have forged our own.
  • We have already redefined money.

Join us. We Are Decentralised.

We could easily have a registration form on this website, but that would result in a centralised memberlist on a centralised website. This is not our goal. If you would like to join us, all you need to do is spread our message. This can be done in the following ways:

If you use social media:

We encourage the use of social media to promote our message. We want you to form your own decentralised "nodes" to represent your local region. We would not, for example, want a single 'We Are Decentralised' facebook page or a single Twitter account, because this would result in it becoming centralised. We would suggest creating 'We Are Decentralised [yourtownname]' pages or accounts and invite your friends and relatives to join them. Use these nodes to demonstrate why our current centralised system is not sustainable and does not serve our needs. The "exposing the truth" links provided in the left column provide an excellent resource to highlight the failings of our current centralised system. Share them. We do not have a centralised discussion forum, chatroom or message board. We encourage you to discuss our message all over the internet. We want many pages and accounts on many social networks to promote this new way of thinking.

Adopt cryptocurrencies:

We encourage the use of cryptocurrency. Money is power. Fiat currency is centralised and supports the current, broken system. Cryptocurrency is decentralised and supports everyone. We do not want you to "donate" to our cause, as this would result in individuals making the sole decision on how that money is utilised. Our message costs nothing as the truth is free. You will be supporting us simply by using and promoting this new form of money.

If you have access to your own webspace:

We encourage a decentralised network. We want you to make copies of this website. We want it to go viral. We want you to adapt it to suit the local regions in which you live. If you have an existing domain, we suggest uploading your own versions. Or use one of the many free domain name services to promote this new way of thinking. For example:

http://wearedecentralised[yourtownname].co.cc (free domain service)
http://[yourtownname]wearedecentralised.tk (free domain service)

Although this website is localised to the UK, we encourage people in other countries to localise content to their own regions and languages worldwide. For example: